UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on December 1st 2014 – 4-5 bright orange objects in the sky, faded alway in all different directions

On my way home from work at around 1:10AM I headed south bound on the 215 and as I came up along side UC Riverside I noticed 4-5 glowing orange lights that were only a few hundred feet up that seem to be hovering and scanning the area below. The lights seemed to flicker almost like a flame on a candle. Another car and myself pulled over on the side of the freeway to take video of the UFOs and after about 3 mins of watching them they soon started to fade away into the clouds in different directions and as they flew away their lights became dimmer.

After that I head up to a local park to see if maybe I could catch a better view and maybe see the source of were they came from. when I located the area they were hovering above I noticed what looked like smoke rising from the general area of where the UFOs were hovering. The smoke seemed to settle down like as if someone put out a bonfire.

after that I headed home!

I checked UCR page to see if maybe some type of Chinese new year event was going on or something because they resembled chinese lanterns only the UFOs seem to be on a path and not just floating straight up into the air.

*another note*

Its thanksgiving break so I know a lot of the students are gone this week. Also It couldn’t be drones because these lights were orange and pulsing.

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