The scientific method and anomalies.

Reality is the ultimate Universal interface, through Reality we interact between each other and with ourselves. It had been said already that the scientific method teach us that observational data of reality is king and observational data consistent across multiple independent observers reign supreme, that implies that whatever that data bring to us it must be accepted, no matter what previous ideas or theories of reality we had.

But it looks like for many, including the “scientific community” that have been forgotten, they had replaced the previous canon of the scientific method by dogma and preconceptions, they have forgotten to make direct observations of reality, they have been denying the reality of anomalies since Trevor J. Constable did the revolutionary work of discovering them in the 1950’s well before any man in space.

Many people already using simple digital cameras are observing anomalies in a regular basis, observing anomalies is really in almost everybody hands, but still “serious scientists” are claiming that there is not such a thing, that shows how detached they are from reality, how complacency is deeply rooted in academic circles, definitely something is wrong with that because basically they are living in denial and delusion, they are failing us at a very basic level when simple amateurs are actually far ahead of them on this topic and then they claim to be the “brightest minds” on the planet.

It is crystal clear that this situation have deep social implications, one of them is that we can not take on faith anything that they claim, any of their theories or world views, we have to be able to critically analyze any claim made by anybody, independently of any “title” or “academic credentials”. And that is a good thing, because this shows that the current “centralized” knowledge system is unable to handle hard/extraordinary facts and we can not afford that.

The survival of any species depends at a basic level on a very accurate perception of reality and at this moment we as a collective are lacking at that basic level by failing to acknowledge the reality of anomalies.

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