UFO Sighting in California on November 29th 2014 – looked 7 times bigger then a jet liner that was flying below (huge orb like egg)

November 29th 2014 at two pm. I was outside in the park and Knotts Berry Farm fun park, with my family. While my wife an older son, were waiting in line for a Roller Coaster ride, i was with my younger sun when i looked up and saw a Jetliner around 10,000 ft. making a long con trail in the sky.

I then suddenly saw what appeared to be a brite light, and after observing it i reached for my Blackberry cell phone and i took four pictures. I observed a huge egg shaped Ufo decending towards a Jetliner in the sky.

The distance covered from the Ufo from when i first saw it, to where the Ufo appears closer to the Jetliner is astonishing. Jets fly around 700 hundred miles an hour, and the Ufo decended at an alarming speed, which my pictures do show the distance covered. The Roller Coaster, the Jetairliner, the sun, and the con trail, are all in the picture.

I am a military retired veteran, and i very observant to many things, and just the size of what my pictures show, proves that something enormous was flying close to a Jetairliner.

Toal observation time was a few minutes, do to the fact i was watching the Jetliner con trails in the sky. Toatal Ufo time was only a few minutes.


Buena Park in California is the location of the Event.

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