UFO Sighting in Rancho Santa Margarita, California on November 23rd 2014 – Multiple shaped objects that changed color and shape

Was at lake rancho Santa margarita with my close friend facing towards the saddleback mountains in the direction of riverside county walking around the lake when I saw a shootin star, then about 3 or 4 more were seen in all different directions in a period of less than half an hour. At that time I looked up and saw a star like object but the color of this object wasn’t considered ordinary to me. Also at this time a small aircraft looking model plane with two small lights blinking on each side as it’s silhouette to me appeared to glide silently at a pretty low altitude about 400 yards away it and an altitude of about maybe 500 ft and disappeared into the darkness as it went over some trees.I zoomed in with apps I downloads to see it but still couldn’t make it out. From the ground with the naked eye it looked liked a blue aurora around a blue cross, at. This time I downloaded another app that would allow me to zoom in 30x and that’s when I started to see strange shapes and colors such as blue black white green mixed together sometimes this object and others I began to notice nearby were taking. I wasn’t able to take any video because I id ident have enough zoom to even see them and I couldn’t find any apps of that high magnification to take a video of them with that detail. I sat there and observed these things which were orbs, then snakelike then circular see through colored of dusts it appeared. The funny thing was that these objects hovered and in place and barely moved and never faded away or disappeared. I was transfixed by them for a total of about three hours before I decided to just leave. Hopefully the pictures will make up for my descriptive writing skills.

I also have many other photos I have taken that night I would like to send as well someway but it looks as though I’m limited to ten. So I tried to pick the best but I would really like to show them all.

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