UFO Sighting in Yelm, Washington on November 1st 2014 – A bright (starlike) object fall from the sky.

I was driving down the road, when i noticed how clear the sky was, i kept trying to quickly glance out the window to get a look at the stars, then i seen a bright light…and thaught wow that is the brightest star i have everseen..looked again to see if it was star…and it was falling.. (it lasted all of 2 secs and dissapeared behind the trees)and i noticed that my son had quit talking…as i was looking over at him i was telling him i just saw a shooting star….and then almost at the same time we were saying shooting stars dont fall down…so i say to him you saw that too? Yes, he said, That was bright, and i dont think it was a star.
I was very curious, but i had to focus on driving, The road we were on was hilly, curvy,and very dark.

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