Black Triangle Sighting in Weeki Wachee, Florida on December 3rd 2014 – Triangle UFO shoots out a smaller blue/green light or craft into WeekiWachee neighborhood

My fiance and I were going home West) on route 50/Cortez Blvd, Spring Hill, Florida as we crossed U.S Highway 19 we saw a triangle craft that had two bright white lights flashing on and off. They were bright with a red light in the middle. The craft was traveling southeast. It was flying way to slow to be an airplane . It shot out/dropped a smaller blueish/greenish ball of light (perhaps a smaller craft) but no shape could be seen on that, just it’s light. It was much smaller) The ball of light slowly went into the Weeki Wachee Preserve. It fell like a shooting star but slower . The triangle craft then turned east. We pulled over to the closest street (Steuben Street)and got out of the car and watched the slow moving triangle craft go back (North)U.S.19 . It then went behind the tree’s that run North on U.S.19 and Cortez Blvd and we could no longer see what it was doing from our vantage point. This actually happened just two weeks ago on the other end of the street. On Osowaw Blvd and Shoal Line dr.. Same identical thing happen a craft shot the same color ball of light out of it. We pulled over then. I was with my niece and two nephews and fianc��. This time though it was closer and easier to see it’s triangle formation. I did not have a camera on me. Now I have one that NEVER leaves the car .

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