UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on December 3rd 2014 – Multi coloured multi directional light flew over northeastern toronto sky

Object in the sky at first appeared like a plane with light brightness as if the lights were pointed directly at me. It hovered in place for a moment, lights wavering, and began to slowly head in a southerly direction. With no discernible stop it began to move in the opposite direction, until a house obscured it from my view. Moments later it returned and headed south again, once again hovering, moving south, then north. It did this three times, on the third it passed directly in my line of sight with a plane, which was headed the opposite way descending towards a final run to the airport. The movement of the object was far slower than that of the plane, and the lights were much brighter. It then hovered in place, and began to move east, until it dimmed out of view. Entire event happened over about 20 minutes.

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