UFO Sighting in newcastle upon tyne, on September 11th 2012 – coming home from days fishing observed stationary aeroplane ahead.very low altitude with no sound

my father and i were on our way home after a days fishing at blythe situated on the north east coast.we were heading toward whitely bay caravan park at around roughly 21.00 in september 2012.i was driving my car with my father the passenger as we were talking my father said to me it looks like theres some sort of comotion going on over in those trees in that field.as i looked i could see bright white lights coming from behind the trees which were at ground level.my dad was looking and said you think they were searching for something or someone.as we approached the caravan sight i remember looking ahead with my father saying what is that that has just came from those trees?i said its an aeroplane but do you realise it is not moving.my dad said its very low looks like its coming down and that something must have happened.i noticed lights in my rear view mirror and a car was behind me as i was driving about ten mph i let the car overtake me but cant remember it actaually passing us.i wanted to stop for a better look with my dad saying you dont want to be stopping here it could be a bad idea.the craft moved on as we approached a left hand bend in the road which leads to st.mary’s island a light house which is a local beauty spot. the craft moved toward the coast passing over trees at approximately 5-10 mph. the craft looked as though it was going to speed up and be out of our sight before we got to the next bend leading to the light house and along the links which takes you along the sea front.my father kept saying thats no aeroplane what im seeiing.continueing to tell me as we rounded the right hand bend we were both in disbelief as the aircraft was stationary over the main road as though it had landed but at the same time looked to be hovering.the front of the craft pointed out to sea and the tail toward a row of houses and a cemetry,i wanted to stop eager to know but at the same time feeling afraid just what we were seeing.to me i saw an aeroplane with a row of bright blue and white lights along the full length of each wing flashing in a sequence out to sea although it was signaling to something or some one.my dad was panicking for me to carry on driving as we passed right beneath the craft itself. i noticed a stair way and an open door but could not make out any landing gear or the rest of the craft.as we carried on i said to my father where is this girl going walking toward the craft in the middle of the road i could not make her out as she seemed to be a dark silouette.i carried on driving off and mounted a kerb which seemed to bring me back to reality the area itself had an eerie silence with no one around during the whole event.i remember thinking how can no one see that or how come no one else has arrived on the scene and where did that girl go to?also the car that over took me was no where to be seen either.i continued driving home both me and my father speculating what we saw or if anything would be on the news thinkink that the plane had come under terrorist attack or had been forced to land. we told of our event when we arrived home to family members and also watched the local news awaiting some sort of news flash but this never happened.i saw an aeroplane with blue and white markings and blue and white brilliant lights,my dad continues to say he saw the craft s missile come rocket like,like something out of flash gordon. i have seen the same object on a second occasion in exactly the same area which has my mind totally blown away.

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