UFO Sighting in Overland Park, Kansas on December 3rd 2014 – Two bright orbs, one larger above and smaller below

I was leaving my night class from the Kansas University Edwards campus when while still in the parking lot (driving about to leave) I noticed a bright light above, to the left of me. I stopped the car thinking it was a helicopter, wanting to get a better look at the object I sit in the car and observe for a moment. It became apparent that this was not a helicopter- the bright light was becoming increasingly brighter and was stationary- not moving like a helicopter does. It is hard to describe the color, but it most resembled a fireball, the light brightened as object appeared to be moving towards me. Then something really explainable happened- a smaller less bright orb just suddenly appeared underneath the larger orb and began moving, ever so slightly (back in forth, left to right)- but barely moving. I watched this for about a minute before the lights slowly dimmed out and I could no longer see the objects. I drove away trying to make sense of what I just saw…about 30 seconds after driving away I make a U-turn and return to the spot I saw the lights in hopes that they might be there- they weren’t though. Very strange. This is the second time I have seen two orbs together, the other time involved 2 orbs that looks exactly alike and moved together- almost dancing with each other. This was at a music festival in the summer of 2011 called Kanrocksas- other people at the show marveled at these lights too.

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