Explosions in the sky and stars too bright

Has anyone else seen explosions in the sky or “stars” that were too bright?

Just before daylight I was watching a “star” move and when it contacted another star there was an explosion. The explosion was about the size of the moon when it is high in the sky 12 o’clock. I have seen 3 explosions. Another time in the morning I saw three stars and then something that blinked appeared in the middle of the three stars. The blinking object flashed in threes, blink blink blink wait, I saw it descend in the distance and then disappear. Then I saw it coming toward me and it was below the tops of the trees. It moved out of my field of vision. I couldn’t see the object itself, I only saw the blinking light.

The reason I was looking at the stars in the morning is because the “stars” above my house are too bright and some of them are sometimes multicolored. The stars are much too bright and I can see them while underneath a streetlight or when my outside light is on. One night I looked out of my window and I saw a “star” below the tops of the trees. I rushed outside and I saw it being pulled up very smoothly, like it was on a giant wire. Another night I was looking at the stars and one star came down toward me and I went inside. I took a few deep breathes and went back outside. The star came downward and came within 100 feet and then went back upward.

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