The hurdles of Ufology

Growing up I never believed UFO/ET stories.

Even first hand accounts from family and friends were put in the “yea right” pile of BS.

I just assumed they were either telling “creepy” stories.., trying to trick me.., were drunk at the time or just misidentified something normal.

Either way.., the claims being made just HAD to be untrue. This seemed very logical at the time.

Then, later in my life I was with my step brother (who has seen a few) and I got to see one for myself.
(The fact that I was so excited during the event, and he seemed so calm, adds weight to his previous sightings IMO)

Now that I saw something myself.., I am able to see other UFO/ET stories as at least being truthful. Some UFO claims may be lies.., but not all. Something is happening, albeit imaginary or not. (The next hurdle?)

This seems to be the first hurdle to overcome in Ufology.
That all UFO claims are BS (in one way or another).

What do other people think about this?

Is it possible to make a list of hurdles that need to be overcome.., in order to progress from being ala biased sceptic.., to a sceptic.., to a believer etc etc.

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