UFO Sighting in Ann Arbor, Michigan on November 1st 2014 – Craft, typically visible as a cluster of lights: takes the appearance of a very large/close, bright white star, with red & blue flashing lights.

Before I begin, I want to clarify that the time given for this event, is the exact time I NOTICED these objects/lights. I can’t say that’s when they first showed up. The duration is approximate, as I can’t say when they actually shifted out of view; though I’m certain they were still in the sky. I was inside my apartment, when I saw them, and not in the position to go outside. I don’t understand the “Also In Area” question; and am not good at determining spatial/relational measured distance – or conversion of size.

Here’s the event, as it happened. I have been recording these events for myself, since I first noticed them. I thought these were government surveillance drones, but now I don’t know what to think. The cops and local newspaper don’t seem to know what they are, or care about it – and no one is investigating this. I find that incredibly ridiculous and odd. Here’s my report for this particular incident (I have written documentation of several of these incidents, but could not list it as additional evidence, below. The box isn’t working. I chose to report the incident with the most detail. To get the full picture/all the details I have, please contact me):

I was in my apartment (I’m on the 4th floor of a high-rise, which faces a north-easterly direction). I was just looking out, as I do sometimes. It was 7:30 pm, and I noticed 2 of these craft, in the skies. I noticed them, because they stood out against the dark sky, and were flashing; these vivid, bright white lights, with equally vivid flashing red and blue lights (on top). They presented as a cluster of lights. I didn’t know what they were, because I’d never seen anything like that before. Anywhere. But I’ve been here for years, and not seen them, ever. Planes go over in this area, from time to time. Usually to land (there’s a beacon somewhere NW of us. So I know what those look and sound like. These were too bright, had the wrong color set, and didn’t seem to have a destination. They were up there, and moving some, but otherwise, just hovering. And they were totally silent. I heard nothing, which I also thought odd. So I stared at them awhile, and checked back for them, later. I ran through the possibilities: they were definitely not planes, black hawks (several have flown over this high-rise, since I’ve been here) – or any other helicopter, jets or balloons or blimps, or any of that. Then what was it? My mind went to the times we’re in, and I settled on some recent tactic of government surveillance. The NSA’s unconstitutional nosiness, was no longer a secret, after all: they must be drones. It was, relatively, the simplest explanation – so I went with that, initially.

The one was flying NE to SW, in commercial airspace (far as I could tell, it was). It had what I can only describe as a plasmic-looking light, which flashed at 1-second intervals; and when it flashed, it obscured my view of the object, a bit. When not flashing, I could see a faint shadowy object against the sky. It was a dark silhouette, visible even against the dark night sky. I must say, I was surprised at its apparent size. It was much larger than I expected, based on the lights I had seen, alone. It was not a simple geometric form, either – it looked complex; large, bulky, and irregular in its outline. I’ve never seen a craft like it, except in movies or sci-fi TV. Not that anything in particular comes to mind – but it didn’t look like anything known to the public, as ours. I’ll put it that way. I was stunned and taken aback by it, but eventually brushed it off as not surprising. The government’s gloves have been coming off, regarding all the things they’ve been doing to accomplish their ends, lately (with regard to the constitution, privacy, etc.). They have officially lost their minds, out loud – is what I ended up concluding. I couldn’t explain the size of this particular “drone”; it was on a larger scale of aircraft. So I actually didn’t know what to think, then – but found myself migrating back to the drone explanation, anyway. That’s not like me, truthfully…but I did. The flashing light on this one was white. Though while it was still in the NE part of the sky (and at a slightly different angle) I could see its red and blue flashing lights.

The other one sat in the NE sky, definitely in commercial airspace, at about the height of a descending plane. Sort of – maybe a bit higher. Only it was too distant for me to make out the actual form of the craft; due to either distance, or the flashing lights – I can never tell what the actual craft looks like. The craft I described in the first paragraph, was the exception. Anyway – this one moved or shifted at a moderate speed, up or diagonal or the like, occasionally. Its movements were too agile and quick, for a plane or helicopter – but not so much so, as to be overly impressive, or warrant exclusion from a mundane explanation. These things generally move at a fluid, steady, even leisurely pace. Anyway, it moved a bit, as though to position itself – but remained in that same area, in the NE sky. I thought for a moment, I might have also seen some green in the lights at points (on that one), but I���m real iffy on that; I wasn’t able to confirm it for myself. If there was green, though – that would be a first. Soon, I noticed 2 more; and they were approaching the same position as the others were/are in (taking into account, their shift of position). This was the most I���d seen at once, thus far. The I saw 3 more. And another. All of them coming from the NE sky; albeit, along a semi-broad belt of it, altogether. Then two more, and two more. That���s 12, and counting. It was now 9:15 pm. Around 10 pm, when checking the skies outside my window – the crafts had rotated east, out of view. I say rotate, because they were clearly taking a massive grid-like position – spreading out to what was apparently, their posts. I watched the one stationed in my section of sky, shift to get in position, stay awhile, then shift in an eastern direction. Eventually, it was no longer in view.

The whole time, I just stared in wonder. And afterward, I was just confounded. Curious, fascinated. I had my best guesses – but what were these things? Who did they belong to, and why were they there? What does this mean for us…and how does it fit into all that’s been happening? Whatever they were, and whoever was behind them – they’ve been functioning outright, like a sophisticated system of surveillance; and, at minimum, on a city-wide scale. Logic begs the unlikelihood that this is strictly a myopic operation; and even if it is – how long before that is no longer true? Why does no one seem to know what these things are? Why don’t they seem to care? Why haven’t I heard any buzz about such blatant and suspect activity in our skies? This is an obvious security concern, and breach of privacy – as well as a legal matter. I felt like I was in some twilight zone. Invasive surveillance – initially behind our backs, and now in our face – via virtually all of our communication devices, in most of our homes…and now in our skies? Has it really come to this? And already? Then I felt a heaviness of dread and sorrow. I guess mostly because, like many of us – I���d known about the darkness hiding in plain sight, for a long time; germinated and in bloom – the finale and aftermath, still to come. Not just because of the emboldened draining of our liberties – but because of the motivations behind it; and the mounting implications of what that means for our future. Drones or no – these were haunting whispers of an evil history, repeating. And this is only one aspect of corruption and injustice, that is in the process of raining its toxic fruit upon the human race… I also grieved the fact that most of us are still utterly unprepared (not that one could ever be fully prepared)…and still gravely underestimate what’s already here & happening, as well as what’s coming. We are in for a world of hurt. We are only at the mouth of it, now. And there will be no mercy for pet illusions or delusions – no matter how sophisticated, traditional, or sincere. It will be jarring and messy; full of harsh realizations and piercing truths, and pain and suffering. Things will get worse, before they get better. Much worse. Because the crooked and backward paradigms, which now stand – have been long and complex, in their development; and our momentum on this corrupted path, has increased to the point of being vigorously self-sustaining. We will feel, keenly, the full force of the moment of inertia. It will threaten to overwhelm us, as we turn to change direction. Our transformation will come neither quickly, nor easily; but if the human race doesn’t choose it – we will enter a long and crushing era of night. The likes of which we have never seen. Yet, if we do choose to come into the fullness of who we are – and it must be a commitment of all, or nothing – then it will require sobriety, conscious and fearless thought, an iron will, and substantial healing, in order to achieve it. It will also require a maturation unto wisdom and balance; a willingness to shift into a brand new direction of thought & life…if that transformation is to take permanence. We must SEE our insanity… and each other – step back, and expand our conscious imagination. Then our work will be cut out for us; and we will be trail-blazing, the entire way – setting a safe foundation worthy of pride, for the legacy we leave behind. We are at the crossroads, and fast approaching its center. Either way we turn, will be excruciating. Either way, there will be death. But upward metamorphosis, is the only path that will be worth it; for in its wake, we will experience the birth of a better world. One that is healthy, hospitable, and sustainable. That’s the difference. What will happen to us? Only we can answer that. Whichever way it goes – we won’t have long now, to find out. This was my thought stream, from beginning to end. Then I came back to the present, and slowly resumed my evening. Doing what, I couldn’t say – for this body of thought, consumed me. It still does.

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