UFO Sighting in Crosby, Texas on December 5th 2014 – Unbelievable , moved to fast and changed directions very abruptly.

I was sitting im my house watching TV when my wife ran inside from getting the mail. You have to come see this hurry she yelled so I ran outside and she pointed to the sky. Ther I seen four very bright lights. Two lights were side by side and glowed bright red, the other two lights were very bright green. The way this object moved in the air was impossible. It shot straight up into the sky , so high it looked as if it went to the stars then came down very fast shooting from left to right until it looked as if it landed behind the trees. At that same time my neighbor across this strret yelled to us ” did yall see that!!” She said she thought she was losing her mind. There has to be more witnesses. Right after this happenrd vehicles started driving all around the area . Anyone thag wad outside had to this.

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