UFO Sighting in Not sure, Texas on December 5th 2014 – Heard what sounded like loud helicopters and short bursts of loud shooting/humming noises. Far off in the distance a cluster of lights (It was hard to tell the exact shape) flashed/pulsated and then descended very quickly, like it had been shot down.

I walked on to my back porch that has a very far reaching few towards 35 and past. for a cigarette. There are towers with red flashing lights in my view that i’ve seen hundreds of times. I’ve lived next to air force bases and never heard anything like this. I hear the very loud blades of at least one helicopter in the air but I don’t see any of their tell-tale flashing lights. I don’t think much of it even though it is rather loud.

Then I hear short burts of loud humming/shooting. The only thing I’ve heard like it are Youtube videos of A-10 gunfire but quieter. Helicopters and short bursts of this noise repeat for a few minutes. As I’m looking into the air trying to find the source of the sound I notice there are “plane trails” in “C” shapes in the sky in front of me. A few minutes like this pass. Then a large cluster of lights appear with a flash and immediately descend at a fast speed. The bursts have stopped but I can still hear the helicopters as I type this. I’m a skeptic. I laugh at Ancient Aliens, David Icke and conspiracy theories. This confused me.

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