Black Triangle Sighting in Temple City, California on December 7th 2014 – I observed a light and watched as it turned out to be a triangle craft followed by a craft shaped somewhat like a sword.

I walked down my hall to the top of the stairs. At the top of the stairs looking forward there is a visible window showing the sky. I was going to go down the stairs to get something to eat but I hesitated at the top as I observed a bright light in the distance through said window. Now I thought to myself it might be a plane because many planes fly by my house and I see their lights often if looking outside; however, I didn’t immediately dismiss this light because I noticed it was brighter than normal and I hadn’t yet made out the shape. A part of me always hopes to see something out of the ordinary in such a circumstance so I stood transfixed to see what the light was. It appeared as an Orb of light in the distance, too bright to make anything out, yet as it moved closer the Orb of light seemed to dim or become something else. I attributed this to the lights on the object becoming visible in separate spots based on distance to where as before it was further away and only appeared as one light. As this happened I noticed this was no ordinary thing. I ran downstairs as to go out the side into the backyard where I’d have a better view as it flew. To my surprise I viewed as clear as day, although it was night, a triangle flying by. I couldn’t make out the surface or really the exact shape, but I made it out clearly as a triangle based on the light positioning. There was one light at the point it was facing, with 2 lights at the back base points. It had a light in the middle as well, although due to the thin nature of the triangle the point seemed closer to the back then the tip. The light in the middle was a different color than the other colors, although the exact color specifics elude after the fact. If I had to say, the middle one was probably blue with the point white and the back ones possible white or red. I observed it as a triangle so clearly and not a plane because it flew right over my house. I lost vision of it because of this. If I had to say its distance, it was so close to the roof, although when I first observed the Orb in the distance it seemed very high off the ground. I saw it in the West and I lost sight of it heading east over my roof. Now although this is odd I take things with a grain of salt and might’ve not reported this, as I’ve never reported a sighting before or fully believed. There was something else that prompted this, there was a second object, almost as if it was chasing it. This second object wasn’t a triangle but instead a shape I can’t really explain other than a sword. Like the object before it I couldn’t make out the exact shape but I could see how it’s lights were positioned. The sword shaped ship wasn’t pointy, because well, I couldn’t tell, but it had a light at the time and a long space of dark before the end of what I describe as lights shaped as a sword hilt. There was one light in the back and two close to the sides like a sword hilt would be. I can’t recall clearly if there was a fifth blue light in the middle like the triangle had. If there was it was be the same as in the middle actually being closer to the back than the front. I don’t recall the colors of this one but if I had to say they’d be white and/or red. This object sped by much faster than then triangle had been. This is why I got the impression it was chasing it. I hadn’t even noticed it as I was fixated on the triangle craft. Only as the triangle passed over the roof did I look to the side to see the sword speed past in the same fashion. It’s speed made the sighting very brief, I was only able to observe the sword-shaped craft for mere seconds, perhaps less than 5. For the triangle I was able to view it for a little longer, probably about 10 seconds. There was a loud sound in the air the entire time. That’s what also drew my attention when I was atop the stairs. I could hear it even when it was far away. It was loud, not like a plane, but defiantly disturbing the air. I don’t know how to describe it but the roar/rumble lasted the whole encounter. I stood there afterwards just looking at the sky, as if checking to see something else amazing. There was nothing there, the night sat silent as if nothing had happened at all. I ran back upstairs and opened my window, again looking out hoping to see something else. To my disappointment there was nothing more. Minutes later I saw in the very far distance a plane, I could recognize it right away by it’s two side light positioning. Sometimes I see helicopters but those are very easy to make out and you can hear their chopper sounds. This occurrence was very out of the norm. I’d want to say that I’ve seen a triangle such as this before, but I’ve never really believed what I saw or didn’t see it long enough or clear enough to be certain. My interest gets spiked as I would’ve seen something, then I shake my head and fade it out. This time I got the experience, I saw it more clearly and defiantly to be able to say I don’t know what it is. I want to know. If it’s man-made, I want to know. Whatever it is, I want the mystery revealed. I went to my computer and put the experience out of my mind. I messaged an acquaintance but he seemingly shrugged it off, perhaps not believing me. I queued into an Online game and told my teammates in the lobby my story. They ignored it aside from one actively spamming “who cares”. I tried to google some stuff to see if anything matched what I saw but with the vast amount of various other sightings I frustratingly couldn’t confirm a match. I played two matches in the Online game, taking over an hour collectively. I then tried to google once more and once again being stumped I conceded to just report it to MUFON off a link I found while searching. So here I am reporting this long report. I don’t know how you guys operate or if this will even be looked at thoroughly, but I’d like to know if other things matching these descriptions have been seen and if anyone knows what they could be.

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