UFO Sighting in Cutlerville, Michigan on June 10th 2014 – Airplane flew overhead looked over and UFO popped out of clouds

I Korey was sitting outside on the porch at a friends house in Cutlerville, MI. A friend was just telling me inside about a UFO sighting he had. In the house we sat near each other and discussed him being in a field a UFO showed up out of nowhere and beamed a light down on him and his wife and took off. This conversation was at about 7:00PM Eastern standard time, around June 2014. After our conversation inside we decided to step outside and have a smoke. We were outside and I was thinking about our conversation previously. After about 15 minutes a few other people came out of the house and all started conversating outside with one another including friend that just told me story and his wife. After about another 15 minutes, I have now detached from the conversation and now doing a little meditation by myself quietly sitting in the chair on opposite side of the other 3 people on the porch.(I am normally pretty quiet, and don’t share my thoughts often). I am sort of just tranced out sitting there in my thoughts feeling where they take me(this leads to channeling quite often) and I realize I’m staring at this little electric object a friend is holding its violet in color(crown chakra in my mind), and blinks violet then holds solid green once its ready to be used. I’m following my thoughts and thinking where they are coming from and realize that this object reminds and makes me think of our conversation inside about the UFO. (I’m no stranger to “ODD” scenarios happening in my life so wasnt anything new LOL) I have alot of “weird/odd/conspiracy/crazy whatever your would like to call it conversations with many people and have studied many odd topics that many seem to always tend to ask me/tell me about. Good hidden trick of a tuned in empath 🙂 Anyways around 7:45pm-8pm I’m sitting there and feel a jerk to look up in the sky to my left (North Direction) and a commercial plane flys pretty close getting close to land at Gerald R. Ford Airport. But out of nowhere I see this object pop out of the sky floating object just out of cloud cover not to far from the airplane. I thought I was loosing my mind so I looked away looked back and it was still there. A gray/black object like a regular UFO came in had bright white like Aura around it. I reached over to my friend that was just telling me about the story earlier he seen it looked at me smiled looked back up, I looked up still there. At that point he and his wife both looked at it then continued their night like it never happened. It was kind of odd, but they both had a few drinks by then. I was sober and don’t drink(22yrs old to add). I looked back up and it seemed to not move but do the same thing, at this point its been 1-2minutes and it finally just zipped straight up through cloud faster than any airplane/balloon I know of. (Balloon hinting at Battle of LA in 1942 but wouldn’t want to be a “Conspiracy Theorist” haha). I couldn’t make any objects or certain lights but what I can account for is the (SOB UFO) did make its presence. After that the night ensued and I was extremely connected spiritually the rest of the night with everyone around and myself. I will leave the rest of the sighting information I’ve typed for public view at that. I dont want to say they the other 2 friends are a witness as they were under the influence and wouldnt want them to ever have part of this kind of information being let out(some people are simply scared). Ill be quite honest I’m 22 was in the Marines for 3 years as a Aviation Mechanic and raised around a full Psychopathic drug addict father. I may be “young” but I’ve been around while and I know my energy/vibration very well on this planet we are living on. I have seen many people psychologically break and even can “see” what many cant and dont say much. I know what I seen, and If someone would like to speak with me further about other much more pertinent “sightings/encounter/etc” I would be willing to speak further but not on any matrix device must be face to face with no wire taps on your skin. Sorry but reality is you never know what lies behind the other persons eyes. Light or darkness. We get to choose.

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