UFO Sighting in Escondido, California on December 6th 2014 – Stationary very bright planet-like object, started moving south towards east slowly while changing velocity in straight path across sky then fading and vanished.

It was six o’clock pm the night of December 6, 2014, in Escondido, CA in North San Diego county. I had just sat down in my chair outside in the back patio of our apartment to have a cigarette. As I was transitioning from standing to sitting I could see out of the edges of my peripheral vision what I had initially thought and assumed was a very bright planet directly in the sky about 45 degrees up in front of me (the bright white shining planet at the time was by far the brightest object in the sky���I say planet as it was unwavering and very solid as if it was a planet as I am accustomed to staring at them amidst the stars for some lengths of time at night).

However, as I was realigning my seating position to get a bit more comfortable in my seat, I passed my head and my vision of sight briefly towards what I thought was this bright white planet in front of me. From this, I instantly got the sense and feeling that it was moving. My mind didn’t really process this very well at the time, as it was stationary just seconds earlier. Therefore, for a brief instant I felt as if the ground was sliding backwards underneath and away from me, disrupting my equilibrium and making me a little dizzy in the process.

This is basically what draws my attention to the fact that something is not what it seems at first. I then realize that this is not a planet, but a very bright planet-like object that is moving in a straight path across the night sky. As it moved across the evening sky, I observed that it was changing speed or velocity as it went, subtly but noticeably. Though it was moving rather slowly, as an aircraft of some sort does, it seemed to move sporadically as if speeding up and slowing down as it went. It was very bright and always maintained an appearance as if it was a very bright planet-like object.

I have lived here at this apartment for well over four years now, and I sit outside on the patio basically every night that my family and I have been here. I have seen all kinds and sorts of birds, planes, and helicopters flying around my area from this position and I know exactly what they all look like and have never doubted that this is all that I have ever seen whenever there were things flying around up in the sky.

However, tonight, what I was seeing I have seen twice before in my life (in different parts of San Diego, not Escondido) and they were very similar and equally mysterious each time I had seen them.

This object tonight, it was large. Larger than a helicopter and flying lower than most planes that I have seen flying around here with the exception of the San Diego Firestorm of 2014 when swathes of the nearby neighbor city of San Marcos were ablaze and large aerial water tankers, helicopters, and military planes were flying real low in the area to make water and fire retardant drops on nearby areas. I am very familiar with seeing these as well and I know what they look like and this was not any of those either.

I first sighted the object to be located to the South East of my position right in front of me and watched as it moved in a straight but subtly stuttering path to the North East to the left of me. It stayed on a relatively level but slightly ascending path in the process as it went. I also noticed that on three different seemingly random intervals on its path that there was a lightning-like flash of white light that emitted from the upper right of the object, reminiscent of a strobe but with a solitary single faster burst or flash that I have never seen on any kind of known craft or vehicle at night in either land, sea, or air.

There were no red or green lights or any other color of anything whatsoever as it went. It was completely silent and at some point some approximate 2 minutes or less into the incident, it rapidly dimmed, faded and altogether vanished from sight as if it was never there.

The sky at the time was clear enough that you could even see stars that had started appearing in the vicinity of where it disappeared, so there were no clouds at all that were present that it could have flown into and thus obscuring it in any way. It just dimmed and vanished.

Immediately afterwards���like not even a second���I then noticed a satellite high up in the atmosphere slowly streak down in the same vicinity and direction as the object. Then a second satellite very close to the first appeared almost right alongside it at a slightly different angle and then paralleled the first in direction so as to see two faint points of light coming together seemingly in unison and then straight off in the direction that the object was moving���as if immediately tracking the object and its heading.

A plane then appeared with bright flashing red lights immediately in the same area.

After about 5 more minutes of going inside to tell and get my wife, we both came out and seen another satellite moving towards the vicinity of where the object vanished, but this satellite was moving at what seemed to be an even greater speed than usual, a greater speed than what I’ve ever seen any other satellites move before, and I’ve seen a lot. My wife even commented on how fast it was going. Once again, in all my four plus years at this location, I have never even seen one satellite cross the sky in all my times sitting out on the patio, and tonight within minutes of the unknown object I sighted there were three.

There was also a sudden intense commotion of air traffic as I sighted two more planes as well criss-cross really close together to the area of the last point of visual sighting of the object immediately afterwards.

After all of this I felt very amazed at what I saw, described it in detail to my wife, and felt that I should report it in some way to see if anyone else had seen this too. This was definitely not normal in any way, and I do not know what exactly I saw really was, but it was large, bright, moving, and then it was just gone.

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