UFO Sighting in San Marcos, California on December 7th 2014 – observed 2 glowing red oranfe fireballs moving independtly

I was taking out the trash to the dumpster at our condo. It was 7:15 in the evening My attention was caught by 2 “orbs” dancing in the sky they appeared to be a t 2-5000ft glowed orange red, They where not flares of chines lantern’s, I have 4yrs in Navy on signal bridge and can identify airborne craft from flares, …..The objects moved up in down hundreds
of feet in altitude, danced around each other…..one object then took off northeast at a tremendous speed 2nd object remained still for 30 seconds or so then rapidly ascended out of sight in 3secs or less.. Second neighbor saw it to… and was unable to make sense of this apparent aerial phenomena. I felt a sense 0f calm after the sighting and rest of evening was more mellow than normal. No way where these objects that where man made. the direction change and speed was out of this world. No sound from objects… strangely no sounds from a noisy barking dogs or crows which had been caw-cawling just prior to my sightings.

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