UFO Sighting in Detroit, Michigan on December 4th 2014 – Cigar shaped object observed in Detroit

On Thursday December 6, 2014 I was driving home from work going northbound on I-75 in Detroit and was approaching the Davison freeway going 65 MPH.

At 2:40 PM EST south of Caniff I noted what I thought was an airliner to the north and just assumed that is what it was. However it did not seem to be moving. After a minute it still seemed to not be moving but sometimes large aircraft give that impression as they are some distance from the viewer and one cannot really tell how far away they are from the observer. As I approached the Davison freeway overpass it still seemed to not be moving. I thought that my eyes were starting to resolve the tail as it seemed to have a horizontal blue spot at what I thought was the back of the craft. After I passed under the Davison freeway overpass which only takes seconds the object had vanished. I was able to get a good look at the area where it had been as that part of I-75 north of Davison freeway is elevated over the surrounding area and one can almost see the horizon. Short of it dropping out of the sky and crashing (which there were not reports of as I think that an airliner crashing would be noticed) I have no explanation as to where the object went.

I had no particular feelings about what I saw.

It was the width of a dime at arms length and was cigar like. The color was light gray.

At the time there were no clouds in the sky, no other aircraft in the observed vicinity and no haze.

I would like to point out that since I was a child that I have be keen observer of the sky. I also know a bit about atmospheric phenomena and have spent some time studying astronomy.

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