UFO Sighting in Ojai, California on December 7th 2014 – been studying them every day sometimes all day. in the same mountain/ nordoff ridge east end

there all over the mountains around ojai / i filmed them youtube /ufo encounter lion st.330am / some red orbs came to study me at 330 am and i filmed them useing my acer tablet. after i filmed went to the emergency room my the burning in my chest was so great and i could not breeth. so i been studying them and found that they dont hide from me anymore like they use to

i dont know what to do nex cause i fear them cause there to many of them in the rocks and in the brush in realy big groups or clans. im starting to take pictures of orbs at night useing flash. i will try to get them on the web soon. i hope any one will contact me soon i need help in studying them otherwise there unknown and right now there are way to many of them.

at 3 to 5 am is when there are most active. all i do is study them i cant do anything anymore please help thanks

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