UFO Sighting in Palmyra, Pennsylvania on December 7th 2014 – Looked like a bright star or planet

Standing on my patio observing the stars and looking for any early leonid meteorite showers. Almost directly above me I noticed a bright star that I didn’t recognize just south of Lyra which is a known bright star. I aimed my cell phone Sky app at it and it didn’t come up on the screen. The light was bright and steady. No noise. Didn’t move. I clicked my phone off and put it in my pocket. Looked back at this “star” and I started to hear a muffled male voice. at fist I thought a neighbor was out. Then I realized it was coming from my pocket. Thinking I accidentally called someone, I checked my phone. I did not dial out and there was nothing opened on my phone. The intermittent muffled voice continued. I thought it was strange. Looked back up at the “star” and it slowly began to move south. It increased speed slightly and continued at a steady rate and as if someone turned off a flashlight it disappeared and the voice on my phone stopped. The sky was clear and there is not much light pollution where we live. There is a private airport nearby and looking at the sky every night I have not seen any planes on that path. After this object disappeared a private plane came into view that I can hear and see the blinking red/green lights and headlights that I am used to seeing.

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