UFO Sighting in Wellsville, Ohio on February 3rd 2014 – 2 small flying saucers with orb n ring red light one huge craft emmited cloud as cover sound n flashed bright white light as it flew across sky 200ft above me.

I was in my home reading a book in complete silence. It was February 3rd just after dark around 8 p.m. The sky was very clear and the moon was fairly bright. I heard a very loud jet like sounds start up all of the sudden so much so that it rattled my windows it was very close. I get up I looked out my window looked around I didn’t see anything like that red light in the sky caught my eye it was going straight up and straight down and straight up and straight down and it kept doing this and then it stopped. That’s when I noticed a second red light in the sky next to it and this one started going from side to side and side to side and side to side and it stopped. Then all of the sudden the cloud lit up bright white and above the cloud I could see a rectangular like or blimp like object light up and it white light flashed on and flashed off and flashes on and flashed off about 10 times and I watch the thing fly across the sky as its flashing. It was bigger than my house n maybe 200 ft off the ground. I know this judgment of distance is fairly accurate because we do have the very big high tension power tower lines long as property and those are 500 feet tall it was lower to the ground and the tops of those and I have a couple big oak trees out here it was just above the tops of the oak trees and those are maybe a hundred hundred fifty feet tall. The first one went up and down again once then I heard the jet like sound start up again and I saw a white cloud formed above my house. It flew across sky as it flashed on n off.

These things are here often I have been seeing UFOs at my home since 2008 I have not always been alone when I seen them other people have. Please send someone to investigate this area. they are here all the time! I have several sightings of the bright white round orbs.

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