UFO Sighting in Ashcroft, British Columbia on March 3rd 2012 – Large Glowing orb(s) witnessed two seperate days over Desert Hillside viewed from my house

First Sighting……………. March 03, 2012 at 9:06PM
camera: jvc everio Ms210 HDD 45X zoom lens, standard definition

saw very bright ball of light from my home office window
completely silent���no sound

length of sighting approx 15 minutes

Object was approx one mile away aboout 200 feet hovering and moving very slowly above desert hillside.

grabbed camera and ran outside to back yard.

Neighbors camera, so was not familiar with operation of camera and it’s features

first shots of object were still shots because camera was in photo mode not video
fumbled around in the dark and got video mode turn on.

Started recording object in video mode.

Object(s) traveled slowly in northerly direction. Light abruptly went out and I stopped filming.

Second Sighting…………… Thurs March 08 at approx 9:20Pm……….. saw two objects.

Saw two bright objects in same area as before. One object was bigger and brighter than the other.

one light would dim then disappear then would re-appear. Minutes later the other light would go out or disappear, Other light would appear and get really bright.

camera was on autofocus so object kept going in and out of focus

Very hard to keep in frame when zoomed in closup

even though i had anti shake feature enabled video is still very shaky especially when zoomed in close.

can here trains rumbling and horns blowing during filming. Trains come thru town many times a day & night!

Object was approx 1.5 mile away.

I called our local airport, they said they did not witness the object and informed me that no airplanes had taken off or landed in five days!

I have more video footage of this object available.

I never witnessed this object since. I look out of the same window to this day and never seen it again!

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