UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on December 9th 2014 – Orange/Pink orb travels at high rate of speed over Loveland/Fort-Collins heading north toward Wyoming

I had just turned north off of Foxtail Dr. onto Rocky Mountain ave. in Loveland’s Centerra Shopping area, when I saw a bright orange dot, initially solid in color, appear from the top of my jeep’s windshield and begin heading north. At first I thought it was a plane landing at Fort-Collins/Loveland airport but I quickly realized it was moving far too fast to be landing. My next assumption was that it was meteor falling from the sky; However when it didn’t dissipate, as most meteorites do, I realized I must be looking at something very odd. As I looked closer I noticed that it was an almost semi-opaque but well defined circle… or orb as you people call them. As I looked, the object very clearly changed color to a pinkish color for a few seconds and then changed back to orange. It did this a few times as it flew north but because it was moving at such a high rate of speed, I only saw it change color 4 or 5 times. It was traveling south to north, paralleling I-25 on it’s west side, appearing to head to Wyoming. I watched it almost disappear into the northern horizon, to the point where you could barely see it. It looked like a faint star very low on the horizon, maybe 5 degrees. I was having a hard time seeing it at this point, so I pulled over on the frontage road and watched it on the horizon. It didn’t move for maybe 8 or 9 minutes, at which point it went straight up and disappeared. I have never seen anything like this and have never believed in this sort of thing until now. I have been unable to sleep tonight because of it and decided I would report it. There was no sound and given how low it was initially and how fast it was going I would have assumed you would have heard a sonic boom or something. I have never seen anything move that fast!

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