UFO Sighting in Scottsboro, Alabama on April 10th 1981 – Intense white light and power failure of car, street light, and watches

I may have submitted this once before, so please excuse any duplicate info. I will go into detail below.

In April of 1981, my fiancee and I had accompanied her parents to visit her brother and family in Scottsboro, Alabama. I drove the entire distance in her father’s car, (at that time) a late model Olds Cutlass coupe. We had been visiting and talking into the night and I had a beer or two. It began to get late and my fiancee (now wife, Anna, of over 33 years) and I were to go stay with her brother’s in-laws in town. Her brother lived in a log home on a peninsula into the back waters and main channel of the Tenn. River, at Roseberry Creek. It was populated, with some street lights, but not many. The evening was clear with few clouds and a partial full moon. (It should also be noted that just up the Tenn. River, in Stevenson, was, at that time, a nuclear reactor project which was in the process of being built in Hollywood, just to the North of the location of this incident, the Bellefont reactor project. I am not sure if there was any nuclear material at the sight at that time, as the unit is still unfinished. Another site just North of the Bellefont unit, at Widow’s Creek, is coal fired and likely being shutdown.)
At around 11:30PM, we left her brother’s house and began the 5-7 mile trip to the in-laws house. After about 1/4 mile, the car began to knock and shut off. The radio stopped and shut off. At the same time, a bright white light appeared over the tree line just off the road to the right (approx. to the NE). We had the windows cracked about 2 inches and noticed no crickets which we heard upon leaving the house and entering the car. The road is narrow at that point, with water on the left side and a house just prior to it. There is a street light at that point, which had also turned off when the bright light appeared.

As the intense and blinding white light shone upon us through the windshield with us trying to peer up and find out what was going on, Anna asked if we should get out to see. I said “No.”, also mentioning that we should stay buckled in and lock the doors, forgetting about the windows being partially down. I looked at my new Seiko LCD watch and it had stopped, as the screen was blank and even the internal light would not work when I pressed the button. Anna’s battery powered analog watch even stopped. I don’t remember the exact time, though.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the bright white light simply disappeared. No noise of any kind was heard until the radio came back on and the crickets began to chirp again. We looked at each other in shock at what had just occurred. I remember her watch having restarted, but was about 10 mins. ahead and thought that was very weird since the second hand had stopped when I looked at it while the light was present.

I started the car after putting it in Park. Apparently, I must have let the engine help slow us to a stop after the vacuum from the power brake booster was spent from my heavy braking. We continued on our journey to the in-laws and agreed to not speak a word of our experience as we thought people would think us crazy.

Many years later, in 2007, while in Chicago visiting her youngest niece from Alabama (who is now an ER doctor), we mentioned the above story to her from 26 years prior. She was not amazed as her grandparents whom we stayed with on that visit in 1981, had also experienced the exact same situation in the same location numerous times. They are both now deceased and cannot corroborate or tell their stories.

While I believed in UFOs before 1981 (a now deceased uncle worked with the USAF’s FTD group at WPAFB here in Dayton and was elusively frank with me when describing Project Blue Book, using a non-denial denial phrase to let me know about this subject), I had never thought much about it for about 12 years. I don’t believe I was influenced by any unconscious belief in UFOs with this experience in April of 1981. However, since that time, both my wife and I are avid believers and do not push aside many stories of similar or more involved sightings. Sure, the govt. could be working on secret projects and the like, but that only begs the question: Where did they get the technology so quickly?

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