Night Watch with Derrel Sims – Coming 2015

lyberate-logo-3sqblackI’m pleased to announce that beginning in early 2015, I’ll be hosting a new weekly radio show over on Lyberated After Dark called Night Watch with Derrel Sims. Night Watch will cover my normal topics, from abductions and UFO phenomena to implants — plus a lot more from the edge of our understanding of the universe. I’ll have the opportunity to present new topics and material, interview guests, experts, and experiencers, and interact with the audience live online or through call-ins.

If you want to get a sneak peek of what we’re up to on After Dark, Lyberated’s home for overnight radio, then take a peek at this special interview I did during their private test. You can also preview other great shows like Beyond with Nila while you’re there.

I look forward to the chance to welcome you guys to the family at Lyberated After Dark as we explore strange, the unexplained, and the concealed truths behind the inexplicable. Don’t forget to join their mailing list for updates and to be notified when we launch the show.

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