The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

Wrote another blog article recently about how the ‘skeptical paradigm’ will come crashing to a fall eventually, destroyed by it’s own sword, science.

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The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

People who have an overly skeptical view will have their paradigm(s) eventually destroyed by science. It is only a matter of time. ‘The skeptic’ has an expiration date, and that expiration date is when science discovers various things, discoveries that are coming up for humanity. For example the irrefutable discovery of the soul in all lifeforms. Or the scientific discovery of reincarnation or chakras. The discovery of other dimensions, and other universes. The discovery of this universes origins (definitively). Extraterrestrial realities alone will destroy skeptics in time. All the left brained rhetoric by skeptics over the decades on the internet will become a fossil in mankinds past. Science will eventually destroy the skeptic paradigm. It will be an example of what not to be after the truth comes out. Just how long will it take for the truth to come out? I do not know…

I have had some telepathic contact regarding skepticism… It is very hard to sum up the meaning of what I was conveyed telepathically. It was in concept mostly. Part of it was something along the lines of “skeptics become a joke after a while”. Or something like “The last laugh is on them, continuously, until the ideology dies out and becomes extinct.”

Those who have been on forums with a wide variety of views know the type… ‘The skeptic’ Always latching onto TPTB created debunkings, all UFOs are military or refractions off jupiter mixing with swamp gas in the atmosphere… Basically stuck in materialistic scientism mindsets, left brain dominant mental illness. Granted there are all sorts of flaws in believers mindsets that help predictively program them into thinking what they do… And sometimes the rabid debunker can be helpful to a discussion so I am not saying they do not ever have any value…

Reality is complex enough for skeptics to have some things right. I am personally skeptical of some popular things(popular in the alternative community anyway for most of it). Skepticism has value, don’t get me wrong.. I know balanced skepticism has value… What will be destroyed is overly skeptical mindsets. The fine balance of skepticism and open mindedness is a rare thing in this day and age. I will write an article about my ideas behind that in the future.

One common thought I do like myself is: “How did ancient culture know these things?” Well the answer to that is extraterrestrials. I am unsure if science will prove the soul after global first contact or before, but I look forward to future scientific discoveries, and the eventual destruction of ‘the skeptic’.

Source link: Omnisense’s Blog: Extraterrestrial Contactee + Targeted Individual Info + Music: The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

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