UFO light confirms Rendlesham forest message

There is often light behind the far side of my neighbors fence. When I walk the light seems to follow me. When I squat down to pet the cat, the lights lowers itself. The light looks like a bright flashlight and I cannot see what the light is attached to. I have seen this light for over a year. The light is interesting because I can see the light in the same window where I saw 3 explosions in the sky. You can read my report to mufon here that tells more of what I have seen.

I have shown the light many movies and a few books. I wrote a small program that pushes the page down key every 10 seconds. The light is typically on around 9pm to 11pm but recently I have seen it at 8am and 9am. Today I woke up at 6am and looked out the window and I saw the light. One day I was showing a documentary on wolves and the light went off. I fast forwarded the documentary to a more interesting part and the light came back on.

I have setup my computer in the window and I have written or asked many things. 99% of the time the light does nothing, sometimes it will blink. 1% of the time the light will go off. I wrote the first two lines of the decoded Rendlesham Forest binary message:

Exploration of Humanity 666 8100
52.0942532N 13.131269W (Hy, Brasil)

and the light immediately turned off. I did not see the light for about 3 weeks and usually it was appearing 3 times a week. I have no idea what the decoded binary message means. The message mentions the GPS coordinates for Sedona, Arizona which the UFO Hunters book says that it has the most number of ufo sightings per person in the whole United States.

I also showed the light the web page here that explains how the binary message was decoded.

After I mentioned that the two people neared the ufo seem to get radiation poisoning the light flashed on and off a few times. The Rendlesham book by Nick Pope mentioned that the 1 guy who touched the ufo and another guy who was close to the ufo, both of their health records are classified and neither one of them can see or get their health records from the military.

The light turned off when I asked the random question, “Is the great pyramid a weapon or an energy source?” The great pyramid was one of the locations in the decoded binary message.

The light also turned off when I wrote “Why do you implant metal into humans?”. The light appeared the next day and I asked the same questions and the light turned off. The light appeared for the 3rd day and I asked the same question and the light stayed on.

The light went off when I made faces at it, this was the very first time I saw the light. The light also went off when I showed it pictures from the comic strip Zits.

The light went off when I asked it, “Is you species named searling or surling?”

After I showed the light an episode from UFO Hunters the light blinked a lot. I have showed it seasons 1 and 2.

My Story Doesn’t Prove that UFOs Exist
This is just my story and it doesn’t prove that ufos do or don’t exist.

About the Decoded Rendlesham Binary Message
The decoding is pretty simple. A bit is a zero or one and every 8 bits means a letter or number. The binary message uses the standard decoding called ASCII, here is the wikipedia page on ASCII. The odd part is the aliens could have used 7 bits since the first bit in english ASCII is always zero. I think they used 8 bit ASCII because it was more easily decoded than 7 bit ASCII.

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