UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on June 26th 2013 – light form image of torso arms an head have photo time travel

While taking photos of street flooding ,saw what I thought was a bolt of lightning traveling down the street just over the street lights headed from north to south .A second later snapped a photo ,the light turned east towards me as it clicked photo , my cell phone snapped a picture .the light passed just three feet over my head standing on the sidewalk .as it passed me.I turned around to see it again an just above the alley power lines .A square window opened up as dark space inside it ,in the morning blue sky .I took a look at photo the next day an you can see the image of a head two arms an a torso of what we call a human . the light was about 35 feet , all I can say is its different . perhaps a time traveler .photo has not been altered . perhaps its flash back but I didn’t have the flash on . could be another Dimension . I don’t know how to attach photo from my cell phone . so I will wait for MUFON to contact me to forward , actual photo is dated 6/26/13 time appt. 6:26 am , morning mist in air from a sever storm that just ended . streets and sidewalks are flooded .

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