UFO Sighting in Gardner, Colorado on December 11th 2014 – 3D Spherical web-like craft with dozens of blinky lights along with one very bright blinking light.

I went outside at 9pm to see if I could see any of the Geminid asteroid shower. Perfectly clear night. Without obstruction in the eastern sky about 30 degrees above was a ‘blinky’ light we call them — we often see these kinds of UFO lights. This time, however, I had a binocular and focused in on it. It was a 3D spherical object that had spoke like legs to a ring with a hub facing (forward?). The hub blinked very brightly alternating red, blue, white. Inside the 3D sphere were seemingly random firecracker like lights going off, red and white. The object, from our vantage point, hovered and notably gyrated up and down and to the right and left. The longer we watched the slowly more faint and possibly farther away the UFO was. The body of the UFO changed orientation often, at least every few minutes, the hub facing east, then northeast, then north and then northwest. We had to often refocus the binoculars to get clarity. We felt a photo would be worthless just showing a tiny bright dot in the sky.

Across our valley to the southwest over the Sheep mountains was another one of these ‘blinky’ like UFOs, more faint and seemingly farther away.

We often see these types of UFO lights, usually at least 2 in the same sky, at least once a week. The most we saw in one night was in January 2009 when we saw at least 6 or 8, in addition to two brilliant UFO lights that seemingly were chased by Air Force jets breaking the sound barrier, the UFO’s making no sound.

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