UFO Sighting in Rockford, Illinois on August 10th 2012 – observed a cluster of 70 or so objects rising & falling in the sky, in unison they would shift their angle to reflect the sunlight

Driving at approximately 2:35 pm on a Friday in a populated area with low foot traffic. The sky was clear. A group objects in the sky caught my eye from a distance as I was driving towards them. Immediately I felt the objects were unusual in their behaviour. There were maybe between 70 and 80 of them. The objects were falling and rising over each other. Very dreamy in their nature. I pulled overand stopped the car to get out and get a stationary undistracted view. There were other cars driving on this otherwise normal afternoon but nobody else seemed to notice. At first I thought the objects had disappeared or that I was hallucinating them, but they had only stopped reflecting the sunlight all at the same time, and then they shifted again in unison to all reflect the sunlight. This happened a few times. They were silent. They drifted towards me and over my head until the brightness of the sun made them unobservable. I don’t believe they were birds. There was no flapping of wings or any features that made me think they were a flock of birds. However a few blocks away my sister said she witnessed this highly unusual event in the daytime sky, but she thinks they were birds “playing in the wind”. I really don’t think they were, but I could be mistaken although I have never seen anything like it before or since.

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