UFO Sighting in Waxhaw, North Carolina on December 11th 2014 – multi-colored hovering 3-part modular orb

In retrospect, I was in the perfect “tree stand” to see it at all…on my couch watching thursday night football where, to my left, is a large picture window that has a perfect view into the eastern sky –

weather conditions: cool winter night…wide open sky with blood moon…beautiful night with a very starry sky – especially clear –

at just over 10pm, something FELL into view (from the top of the window down) out in the sky – I mentioned it to my wife and we both looked at it for approx 5 seconds until we realized it was moving – it was uncommon enough to make me get up from the football game and go out on the back deck – i did get an adrenaline surge when I realized that it was/is (its still out there by the way….) either a weather ballon strapped to the teeth with mxas lights….or something alien to any aircraft im aware of

erratic flight path but mostly hovering…seems to be approximately 5 miles away?…..hard to guess – something tells me it is directly over mineral springs, nc – downtown –

seems to be a combination of small orbs at times…green and blue…some red…then gets hyper white – looked at it with a monocular (simmons) and it hard to explain what im seeing…either the “trace” of the light in the lense (ie optical illusion) or it is indeed 3 orbs that make up 1 craft…ostensibly anyway.

i took pictures and video which will be terrible im sure…the pictures are interesting but leave alot to speculation – i did notice that when i zoomed in on it (iphone 5s) that it appeared to “pulse” at the me through the frame (the object did) – i factored this into some type of camera/lens related issue….but this thing is up there and you wouldnt notice it unless you were on your back looking up at the stars…so im certain someone else will report! very cool –

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