UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on December 12th 2014 – UFO zipped through entire sky line in less than 5 seconds at a pace well over 1000 miles per hour and made a sharp directional change upwards leaving the atmosphere.

Standing outside my balcony in West LA I was shocked to see a bright glowing solid cylindrical looking object that was flying so fast it zipped through the skyline in less than 5 seconds. I could only estimate it’s speed to be well over 1000 miles per hour when it made a sharp turn up into space and I could no longer see it. I did have my telescope beside me but it was already out of range by the time I had looked back up. The only reason I’m venturing to guess this is a vehicle from outer space is because of the tremendous speed and the movement I saw. Did anyone else happen to see anything in Los Angeles around 7:30 Pm on 12/12?

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