UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on June 12th 1980 – Saw UFO while driving to LAX. Next thing I know road disappeared and me & my car were floating in sky. I lost 7 hrs. Missed picking my husband up.

It was a beautiful sunny evening, i was on my way to the LA Airport to pick my husband up, when out of my right peripheral vision I saw something bright that caught my attention. It was a spaceship! I just automatically started laughing because I just took it for granted that there was a movie being filmed nearby. I started liiking for the cranes and wires holding up, and the wardrobe vans. Puzzled, and maneuvering from one frwy to another, I began looking around to see if anyone else was seeing it when I discovered All I cpuld see out of my windshield was air. No road, no more trees, just air. My very next recollection is walking into the airport and it is pitch black at night. It was just fuzzy to me. When I received the message that my husband left for me, I went back to my car, which took me forever to fond, because it was on the roof. I never park on the roof.

I have no idea what ensued during the missing time, but 30 yrrs. Later, I awoke with one memory, and I am convinced that this actually happened. As I was being released/let go, I was asked some question as to why My body could not be inseminated (telepathically), i replied, “no, I can’t have any more babies. I had surgery.”

I have no idea what these entities looked like, as I have no memory. I do know that I felt no fear at any time. I have been having nosebleeds in one nostril ever since and I have physical marks left on my body. I have been holding this experience inside for so long that I have become obsessed with everything UFO, but it’s been difficult not being able to share with anyone.

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