UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on January 1st 1969 – Heads up Brad Metzler is looking for original clear Apolo Lunar TV Tapes

Pardon my missusing this form. Brad Metzler on the history channel is researching the little known missing high definition TV tapes of the Apollo landing.

Apparently there were high quality tapes made at the satellite stations which were copied by a crude TV camera for transmission to the TV stations and Houston. This was unknown until a researcher saw a clear polaroid of the screen which was then viewed by a 480 TV camera giving out poor quality video we associate with the event.

Brad is searching for the lost tapes which reveal a lot the plausible explainations are they were copied over my NASA in a cost saving move in the 1970’s since they were data tapes of 15 minutes in duration, or they were ppoorly indexed and are lost in the national archives.

I suspect they were destroyed or siezed by national security as they were clear tapes covering the black out period and the time Mission control was trying to shut up the astronauts when they supposedly viewing UFOs there.

The implications are obvious if Brad were to find them they would be a smoking gun. I suspect the originals (several sets for different satellite stations) were destroyed but there is a possibility there were unauthroized copies and Brad is trying to find them as antiquities offering a $10,000 reward with the help of a former FBI agent who was in charge of their antiquities unit.

You may be able to work with them or conversely they may get shut up fast if these are found because of the plausible evidence of alien interation at the time.

I just wanted to give you a heads up, the contact information is this is false as I don’t want to be visited by the authorities…

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