UFO Sighting in Fremont, California on December 13th 2014 – chevron shaped object seen flying overhead at zenith southbound

I was near the mall at highway 880 and Automall looking up at the sky when I saw an object similar to one I reported perhaps a year or 2 ago. It was chevron shaped, and at first I thought it was translucent like the object I reported before. But this time as I watched, the sharp leading edge of what I thought was a craft of sorts distorted. It was very faint, light barely reflecting and difficult to see. It was dark and when it distorted I realized this was a formation of birds. They became more distorted as the formation wavered then regrouped. I suspect now that what I previously reported to you some time ago was the same as now. The difference back then was that the formation was tight and perhaps due to the height or distance from my vantage point, I did not detect any disruption of the birds. They presensented what looked to me like a sharp leading edge of something like a flying wing or a triangle. They were so far away however that they were barely discernable. Hope this clears up my previous report. (I actually saw something similar 40 years ago while at a drive-in theater, the object flew over the top of the movie screen, but I could not determine altitude. It was silent and large, also moving southwest at that time and difficult to see, but it had the same shape a triangle or chevron. I watched as it flew out of sight.) OK hope this is helpful.

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