UFO Sighting in Murrieta, California on December 13th 2014 – I heard Military fighter jets above my home, went outside and started recording. I just aimed my iphone6 randomly at the sky where I knew the jet was located. I could not physically see the UFO, but was able to capture it on my phone.

Date; 12/13/14
Time of event: 4:41am
Weather: 42 – 25 degrees, crisp air, clear skies.
I was in my bed trying to sleep, when I heard what sounded like a fighter jet, it seemed to be flying around for a long period of time. Generally, you could hear the jet as it is approaching, then you could hear the sound fade as it flies by. I got curious as to why I could still hear the jet, it seemed to be hanging around a bit longer then what I would consider normal. I ran downstairs and out the side door. I could see the lights on the back of the jet, it seemed to be flying a bit low, as if it were looking for something. I ran inside and grabbed my iphone6 and began recording in the same direction I previously saw the jet. Although, I could not physically see the object, my phone seemed to be able to see it just fine. It was a bright yellow/orange orb. The orb seemed to fade, then come back bigger and brighter. It seemed to move close, then far, then disappear, or fade in and out. Every so often the color would change to solid red, or blue. Although, I suspect it was the same object, however, upon reviewing the video on my computer, it seems there may have been a fleet of them. On my computer it seems there are several twinkling lights, I don’t believe they are stars. At times I could physically see quick flashes of light in various locations in the sky. Every so often I had to scan over to my upstairs window as a point of reference. I would point my camera/phone in the position of N, NE, and scan the skies with it, until I was able to see the object. It moved fast, one minute it was one place, the next it was elsewhere. The video is a bit long, but I wanted to record as much as I could. I was so excited I couldn’t believe what my phone was recording. I had to run inside and wake my husband to come see. Its funny how it happened on the date 12/13/14. I have witnessed other crafts; triangle, saucer, etc.. however, this is my first fireball/orange sphere.

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