Black Triangle Sighting in Lynden, Washington on December 14th 2014 – I saw 3 UFOs this morning… the first one was clearly a triangle shaped!! the second was smaller as if it followed the other UFO 5mins later. an the 3rd one was way up in the sky.

Okay so this morning I woke for work at 4:45. I usually warm up my car close to 5.
I just barely opened the car door an I noticed something fly right on top of me from my peripheral vision. I thought is was an owl because I see a lot of them in the mornings. But of course owls don’t have three lights. This thing was coming from Canada I’m assuming heading south making no noise. But with a speed that no airplane can go at without making noise right!? Of course I freaked out an I cursed haha…I ran inside talking mother was I just saw. And I was alrssy running late to work so I went back out side so leave at 5:10 an AGAIN another one passed but smaller. This one wasn’t a triangle shaped. It looked white an no lights. But with an incredible speed. I’m just just in shock. The third one I saw was way up in the sky. It blended in with the stars but I was able to see it. An I pulled my phone e to record it. And BAM! My camera actually caught it. Its weird tho. With my eyes it looked like regular star. But in my video it actually brightened the UFOS light that it gives off. An It was all perfect timing when I saw the UFOS. As if I was ment to see them. I’m still thinking about it. What did I see???

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