UFO Sighting in New Hampshire on December 14th 2014 – It wasn't a plane nor a star nor a helicopter & it certainly wasn't swamp gas reflecting of Mars.

When I get a certain “feeling” I look outside my window, mostly in the direction of South/Southeast, & sometimes I get to see a UFO. As for this time, 1:20 pm on Sunday the 14th of December, when I got that “feeling” I looked outside & was successful in achieving visual confirmation. At first I thought it was a blimp but noticed it was very shiny like the sun was reflecting off it but it also seemed to pulsate like a close star or nearby planet. Also it did not move. At all. Just hung in the sky, exactly Southeast. I grabbed my binoculars & stepped out onto my porch. Through my binoculars it looked more like a helicopter but not as defined. After a short period of 5 or so minutes it started to look more like a giant star or planet & as soon as I noticed that, the object steadily, not light speed but no jet plane, went straight up & out of my view because it seemed to have faded into the clear blue sky in the direction of Southeast.

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