UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on March 13th 2014 – bright white square shaped object observed above house across from me. I took 2 pictures, switched to video, recorded 2 minutes. Object was now flashing/blinking red blue violet yellow orange, was a solid circular object.

I stepped outside at 0650 hrs to smoke a cigarette, it was still dark outside. While I was sitting on a small covered front porch I noticed a bright light infront of me to the right. I leaned to my left around the brick pillar to see what was making the light and I saw there was a white glowing huge square shaped object directly across the street. It looked like it was as bigger then a two story house. It was stationary over the house across the street. I quickly switched on my cellular phone camera, I braced my phone up against the right side of the pillar and took two pictures. I switched the camera to video and braced the phone up against the pillar again and proceeded to record for 2 minutes. I had to stop recording at that point due to needing to leave home to pick up a customer at 0710-0715. The object/lights was still above the house across the street when I stopped filming. I did not have the opportunity to continue observing it.

I have the video available but cannot attach to this reporting. There is a malfunction with my phone when I try to attach the file. The two still pictures I attached were both taken at 0653, if you increase the font/size you can see the object best. I would be happy to forward the video in another email.

My husband and I have been going to the San Antonio Mufon meetings for the last three years. I look forward to hearing from you.

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