UFO Sighting in Dartmouth, on December 8th 2014 – Observed from house travelling across sky grabbed camera and photographed it

I happened to glance out my window and saw the object moving in the sky. By the time I’d grabbed my camera and changed the lens to the longest I had, it had gone out of view from my window.
I stepped out the patio door and took the pictures included with this report – the first picture taken was at 16:09:41, the last at 16:10:34 (please note: on board camera time was 2 hours fast so meta data shows 18:09 instead of 16:09)

My first thought was that it was a comet or meteor – but I’ve since been told that it is too big for a meteor and probably not been seen and “Comets too are eliminated because (1) few comets are brilliant enough to be visible in daylight, (2) comets move at astronomical speeds and distances which results in them appearing as fixed in the sky as the moon if not more so”

The object was moving steadily in a southerly direction (probably closer to 170 degrees than 180)it never turned or twisted.

I’ve since tried to find out what I saw but have seen no other reported sightings.

It eventually disappeared from view below the horizon.

(Last 2 photos are crops of pic 3 and pic 7 respectively)

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