UFO Sighting in Pearl River, Louisiana on December 15th 2014 – glowing yellow-orenge orb craft maintained a steady course. stopped. then rapidly reversed direction

i was in my back yard with a friend sitting around a small fire. i cannot explain why, but i felt the presence of something, which greatly disturbed me, so i halted the conversation and immediately looked up and saw what, to me, appeared to be a boeing type aircraft above, and around 3 seconds after seeing the aircraft, i saw the orb like object approximately a quarter of a mile to the left side of the airplane, and at that point, i had my friend attempt to capture a video on his iPhone, however, although we could see the object and the airplane, the phone wouldn’t capture anything at all except stars. after instantaneously realizing that this was highly unusual, i couldn’t help but watch this event unfold. their flight paths were perfectly parallel to one another, and the object was traveling at a slightly faster speed than the airplane. after about 20 seconds, another airplane, with similar size, lights, and airspeed entered the area from the southwest traveling towards the other airplane. when the two planes appeared to be closing in on the orb, it stopped for about 4 seconds, then, it reversed its course and darted off in the exact direction from which it came with speed resembling a shooting star, and it was gone. immediately, one of the planes changed course and followed the last visible direction of the object, and for about a full hour, both planes remained in the area, flying in a triangular pattern in the airspace over and around my home. then they left, one at a time, and the event from a visual standpoint, was over, however, the uneasy feeling did not leave me until around 1:00 A.M. at which time, i laid down and went to sleep.

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