UFO Sighting in Carlsbad, New Mexico on March 31st 2014 – sighting going to oil rig near carlsbad nm

I was dispatched to an oilrig near carlsbad nm and approx 10 pm at night I noticed an object getting brighter and brighter getting lower approx 1/2 mile dropping to 3-500ft a disc shape object with a blue white light dome on top of it appeared in front of my path, hovering over oilrig , I thought it was a helicopter , but no noise , I turned my truck off and grabbed my cell phone and immediately started taking pics and upon reviewing pics I could clearly see a ufo like I was seeing with my own eyes , the object stayed over rig for approx 3-4 mins then disappeared with in a flash and was gone .. most beautiful but frightening experience at same time, all I could think about was hurrying up and getting to rig to be with others so nothing happened to me , a few others seen this as well as we spoke it for 2-4 days then dropped it Bcuz we thought we were going to be investigated by men in black , so we made a pack to never to discuss this again.. approx 4 months later during day time a bright object came back to another rig same height no noise couldn’t believe what I was seeing ,this was scary stuff this object was so bright I really thought someone was going to get on ducted .. everyone seen this time this object and after I snapped a pic with my phone this object was gone in a blind of an eye … can’t believe 2 ufos in 4 months.

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