UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on December 1st 2014 – two objects, moving towards each other, circled each other quickly, exited in opposite directions

The night i witnessed the 2 objects I was walking from outside to get to a study session when I happened to look up because something caught my eye. Living in the colorado mountains you often see shooting stars, satalites so I looked up to catch it. What I saw stunned me, there were two objects moving towards each other in a very controlled fasion. Once they became close they began to circle one another a few times. After this they quickly dashed away in opposite directions. I have served time in the us air force and have seen many craft in the air. Also I have witnessed shooting stars, satalites, Chinese lanterns and other events in the sky living in Colorado and this event was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life.the event took a total of about 3 minutes but it held my attention every second. I attempted to take picture evidence but my cell phone camera did not have the capability to take a night photo. It was truly an unexplainable event which to a person that has seen and heard many air craft varients at day and night is still keeping me wondering.

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