UFO Sighting in Reading, Pennsylvania on December 15th 2014 – Circular sparkling lit UFO in woods by river

My mom and I were driving home on 422 eastbound on 12/15/14 just passed the Morgantown expressway 176 route in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was roughly about 7:30 PM. Off to the right as soon as we got over the bridge right past the 176 exit was a large round sparkling lit object hovering down in the woods right by the schuykill river. I’ve never seen lights so sparkling and crystal reflective like. The UFO was round with about 30 of sparkling lights around the edge of the UFO. I only was able to view it for about 5 seconds because I was driving. I asked my mom who was with me, “did you see that?” At first I thought I was seeing things but she affirmed she had also seen it too and she seemed in shock. The brightness and sparkling quality of the lights were extraordinary and like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. It reminded of only something you see in abstract art and heavenly spiritual like experiences. It just hovered or landed down in the woods. There was a search light close by and my mom thought they were looking for something. I was just in shock and asked my mom if she minded if I drove back around to see it again. She just wanted to get home. I had a dream that night that I was implanted with robotic parts in the back of my calf. My mom and daughters were in the dream. They too were implanted some weird devices. I woke up with weird indents on my wrist like I had been laying on a zipper but I just had pajama on. There was a rust like residual in the creases of the indents that wouldn’t come off. My daughter woke up with a 1/4 inch sore on her wrist and was complaining of having calf pain. I didn’t tell her anything about my dream or UFO experience. She also said she felt spacey yesterday just out of the blue. She has never said anything like that before. She is 13 years old. About 5 days ago there was a knock on our front window in the middle of the night and no one was there. 3 days ago there was lights on in certain rooms that we were sure we had turned off. Also, our dogs have been barking as if there is something in the house over the last two-three days. I’ve had UFO experiences in the past and often dream of alien abductions. I have a pit hole dead center on my spinal column about half way down my back. This was not always there either. I’ve always felt we were from this earth and had a visit from a man in black the day following one of my UFO sightings. He was dressed in black, had a suitcase, came in the store I was in, waited outside the store for about 45 minutes and approached me asking questions about bus pickups. It was very odd.

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