UFO Sighting in Texas on October 1st 2013 – Driving East on 610 N Loop saw reflective foil it white-grey-blue morphing sight in the sky

I may have picture from phone had a few different phones since. The date of event was within the last two years in my best estimation.
Time was afternoon, traffic was thick going so makes me think later in afternoon. Sky was overcast yet bright, no rain.

I was driving east on the 610 North Loop in Houston Texas. Approximately between TC, Pinemont headed East. Taking my mind of the traffic I had run into heading East on the 610 Loop, Traffic was slow. Looking ahead to jock for position I saw in the sky movement that attracted my attention to sky ahead and to the left of me. Ahead maybe mile or more. To my left looked like 200 yard north of the expressway I was driving. Try to focus and make sense of what I was seeing Could have been a box kite, viewing an airplane from behind. The object seemed to be moving away from me and traffic but not at a fast rate more like if traffic was not thick I could have caught up and past it in a minute of seeing.

When I could not clearly make out what it was , imagine a smaller airplane headed away from you like a dark shape. Then say the plane would start climbing, now I can or should see the top surface. That is when it became like reflective foil changing size and shape. This made realize I can not make this thing out! Traffic is slow so I go back and forth traffic and sky.
O observed this shape changing white silver -blue reflective like site. Seems like surrounding the reflective I can remember like dark gray ‘overspray’ where the bright shape changes the overspray seemed to be predominately to the right of the ‘Site’.

This went on as I observed the shape shifting ‘entity’ flashed little rise little fall as it moved across expressway. It did eventually move to just south of the express way before I lost track of it.

I judge from the height and size and distance and traveling in the same general direction I can best place the last position I saw this would be where 610 N Loop meets I-45 (heading south).

Sorry to know what to do so late.


I shot some pictures but have changed phones or card and just now re thinking about it.

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