UFO Sighting in Aurora, Colorado on November 20th 2014 – Large bright white shape shifting aerial object.

Driving north on N Delbert Rd late morning. Partially cloudy. Near intersection of county line rd. I observed a large, distant bright white aerial object about 20 degrees above rooftops. It hovered and then made a large arcing path movement, then hovered. It appeared to be constantly shape shifting. My first thought was a pelican, which nest in the landfills near highway I-25. But the way it hovered in one place and seemed to be constantly changing shape made this unlikely. Also at the observed distance it would have to be a pelican the size of a prop plane.

I watched this object remain stationary yet changing shape for a good 4-5 minutes as I traveled north. I then observed two fighter jets in tight formation come in from the right (east) flying relatively low (enough to see details of underside). They flew overhead and made a sharp curve northeast which put them in the direction of the white object, though they were still some distance from it. As they kept on course, now by perspective “close” to the object (far in distance but side by side in vision) the white object disintegrated. In about ten seconds the object just faded into nothing. It did not move, or sink. It literally looked like a movie special effect where it just dissolved into nothing.

The fighter jets broke their formation after the object disappeared and went east and west, respectively. The area I live in, east Aurora CO is home to Buckley AFB. Fighter jets, huge air carriers and military helicopters flying low are a daily occurrence. They are so loud that they shake the house, and I have observed many different interesting aircraft flying around here, but nothing like what I saw that Thursday. I also have never seen the fighter jets fly in that tight side by side formation, one slightly in front of the other. I have seen the four unit formation and single jets, as well as a few flying a good distance apart but nothing like the flight behavior I saw that day.

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