UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on December 14th 2014 – Close to a dozen red spherical lights changing to orange. Formed 2 triangles of 3 seperate lights. Very obvious in sky. Lasted mayb 5-10 minutes.

About 5:50 pm on Sunday Dec. 14, 2014 was leaving my condo and spotted at first maybe 5 of these round lights moving across the sky over the ocean (Long Beach, CA)north east. Were soon joined by more. The lights appeared to be moving only a bit faster than helicopter speed, but hard to say because I had no idea how big or how far away they might be.. but appeared within maybe a 1/2 mile and flying relatively low altitude. Three of the lights went into a triangle formation, then another set of 3 did the same. Just before they seemingly dissolved, and disappeared, they seemed to become a small white dot and I could almost make out a craft form before they shot off at amazing speed. They did this at different points in time, and seemed to go different directions. As I watched and headed downstairs (2nd floor balcony walkway) I continued to watch. A man approached me almost immediately ranting about the UFO’s I’d been observing. As I rode off on my bike, one of the orange sperical lights remained.. and I continued to watch it for another five minutes or so. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this, (52 years old), and I thought sure there would be hundreds of reports on it, but I have not seen one anywhere after looking extensively. Very strange.

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