Alien Encounter in Mount Hermon, Louisiana on August 26th 2014 – A motion camera in woods caught photo of bright light then some frames later a small being

I had a motion camera set up deep in the woods on my grandfather land to see if I could catch some photos of some deer. I left the camera in the woods for a week. I took my memory card out the camera and it stayed in my truck for a few days before I got around to look at what it captured on my laptop. The first few pictures was nothing I guess the wind blew something in the view. The next three pictures was of a raccoon. The next picture was taken the next night on the 26th. The whole picture was white light I thought It was just a messed up photo until the next few frames got a little darker each time. Now on the 9th and 10th picture I can make out the woods with a white glow coming from the left side with a small grayish being around 3 1/2 feet tall quickly flashes across the picture. The reason I say quickly is because the three pictures that it was captured in was within 6 seconds and the width would have to be around 15 feet. I don’t know if there may have been others but my camera only caught the one shape.
I have only showed the photos to one friend.

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