Alien Encounter in Salina, Kansas on August 26th 2004 – Not a UFO, but an ET sighting

This sighting took place in late August 2004 just after 6:00am. I always rode my mountain bike to for exercise, that day was no different, about 30 seconds after turning onto the last section of residential street of my route “someone” ran into the street about 25-30 feet in front of me, the entity was in a full sprint as if it’s life depended on it, like something was chasing it, it came from the yard on the East side of the street, crossed the street in full sprint and entered the yard on the West side, the sighting lasted about 5 seconds, this entity was bi-pedal and about 1-1.5 feet tall wearing an earthy greenish brown hooded cloak, the only features visible were the ankle and feet, both clad in the same greenish brown color, once it entered the grass it visibly disappeared as if the cloak color shifted to match the grass, my first thought was “gnome”!?!, rational thinking told me gnomes don’t exist, I was confused, but never told anyone of the sighting, cause I would just face harassment or ridicule, to this day I’ve never told anyone about it. I didn’t report it sooner cause I only found out about MUFON three months ago, from time to time I would have flashbacks about the sighting, but for the most part I forgot about it, then last week on Youtube there was video in my “What to watch” list titled Alien Races: A-Z, so I watched it, then the second part listed a race named “Lang”, it pictured two point eared human like entities, instantly I had a flashback of the encounter and said out loud “That’s it! that’s what I saw!”, so I looked around the internet for “Alien race lang” and apparently Lang are source of Elven folklore, said to be about 70 centimeters tall (about 2 feet).

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